291 online NoReset
282 online X150
405 online x9999

ShopMu Online Updates 29.December

Mu Online fixes at 29. December

NoReset server updates: Server experience have been chnaged to x9999, now it is fun style no reset Mu Online server!!!

Other updates on both servers:

Fixed Conqueror Mix sometimes giving 0 Excellent options
Fixed Doppel Ganger Renewal event issues
Fixed Paralyze skill functionality
Fixed Bastion skill behavior
Fixed improperly distributed Mastery Reward on Chaos Castle and Devil Square events
Improved randomity of excellent options count and type drawn
Fixed Summoner Tome Master skill not working fully
Fixed not working Effect Value attribute for all levels of Resistance Errtel
Fixed Pentagram Drop
Fixed Pentagram Level / Rank upgrade vulnaribility


Posted 29 / 11 / 2016 By admin

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