Server x150 Grand Opening
NoReset 384 online
x9999 405 online
X150 0 offline

Mu Online Updates 16. April

Manual Mu Online patch is required, download HERE
and extract over old client!

Fixed resolutions, now can be changed from launcher!

Added new jewels to Cash shop:
Jewel of dark bless: Makes item +6
Jewel of dark soul: Makes item +9
Jewel of luck: Added +luck
Jewel of science: Added +skill
Jewel of Kundun: Makes item +15
Jewel Of Wisdom: Added Empty socket option

Mu Online Fixes:
The Blood Angel Quiver Upgrade to Dark Angel Quiver is not Working
Socket System update bug
New weapons wrong damage
Trainer npc dissapearing    
Dark Raven not recover life
Updated Event Drops
Added new jewels in drop
New look for lorencia!

New server x1000 without item shop comming soon...



Posted 16 / 04 / 2017 By admin



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