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ShopBattleMu updates 10. October

Hello, Battle Mu online players, we have added new season 12 event Labyrinth of Dimension!

Fixed launcher resolutions, now all works from laucher, and are updated automaticly! If for some reason auto update dont work, download patch HERE

Another fixes, updates.

Fixed stuck monsters issue
Fixed Defense PowerUp skill of Emperor Cape does not increase the defense value in C Window
Added labyrinth of Dimension event
Fixed options issue on Dark Angel item combination
Fixed action view states (sit on chair, sit on fence, fly)
Fixed Seed Sphere Shield Protection option value issue
Fixed Nix Battle event Boss does not attack in certain scenarios
Fixed Bomb and mu online MuRummy games issues
Fixed Party Matching issues
Fixed Pants defense is not applied
Fixed Earth type seed issue
Fixed True Damage (Ignore Defense) option of Wings not applied in C window
Fixed Chaos Castle issue after joining party via Party Matching

News: Mu Online Season 12 Episode 2 update comming soon.
4th class for each class, new quests

Blade Master to Dragon Knight
Grand Master to Soul Wizard
High Elf to Noble ELF
Duel Master to Magic Knight
Lord Emperor to Empire Road
Fist Master to Fist Blazer
Mirage Lancer to Shining Lancer

Deep dungeon Maps
New master skill tree



Posted 10 / 10 / 2017 By admin

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