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ShopBattleMU update 6. November

BattleMu Updates at 6. November!

Fixed a lot of master skill bugs and a lot more. Read detailed info below.

Fixed Dark Spirit mastery options not working properly
Fixed Labyrinth of Dimension high exp
Updated anti hack now checks Combo time Delay
Fixed Bow/Crossbow mastery skill do not work properly
Fixed Mastery Weapon upgrade not keeping luck
Fixed formula of Shield Protection Increase option
Fixed party members do not appear on mini-map
Remade dinorant Absorption option
Fixed options display on Lethal's Ring
Fixed excellent options invalid count for Ruud Shop items buy
Fixed luck is not being kept for mastery equipment upgrade
Fixed character respawn issue after death in Labyrinth of Dimension
Fixed Ignore Defense skill effect does not appear in C window
Fixed Mastery Equipment drop in specified scenarios
Fixed selection of not working socket options
Fixed guild hostility not working
Fixed Double Damage effect of Wings of A&D does not appear in C window


Posted 23 / 11 / 2017 By admin

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