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Battlemu MuOnline x9999

Server Online, run launcher to get latest update and play!

www.battlemu.biz Season 10 Episode 3
    Exp: 9999x
    mExp: 9999x
    Points per level : 7
    Shops: Items +15+luck, Wings 1lvl, Jewels, Pets, All skills!
    Kundum Spots and devias exit!
    Rewards: Vote and grand resets!
    High exp drop!
    Box of kundun drops all maps randomly from mobs!

Mu Online Server is based on maxium expierence rate with super high best item drop to provide best  PVP & Guild War action as fast as posible after new players starts to play. 
For 1lvl you will get 7 points, for each class to reach maximum 32765 stats as soon as possible.
At shops has items for easy start, best start gear for each class, as well as all wings, jewels and pets!
Start your battle now with best maximum style mu online server from 2010!

Posted 01 / 10 / 2016 By admin

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