Battle MuOnline NoReset 19. November

Battle MuOnline is comming with new No Reset server for true mu gamers!
Server grand opening 19. November!

18.00  UTC +2 (Poland/Latvia/Ukraine)
 23.00 UTC +8 (Philippines/Malaysia)
12.00 UTC -3 (Argentina/Canada)

Searching for quality Hard NON Reset server that will last for years, like old battlemu x9999 (7 years online)
Join us at 19. November for grand opening! MuOnline
Season 10 Episode 3!
New season features, new character grow lancer!

Experience: 10x
Master Exp: 5x
Max level: 400
Max Master LVL: 400
Soul +luck= 90 succes rate
Soul without luck= 70 succes rate
Life =70% +16 option max

No webshop, only ingame found items
Xshop: Enabled
Offtrade: Sell your items for Wcoins Enabled in Devias! On /offtrade command
Small spots: 4 mobs on spots all map till icarus! Rest maps global style!
Archangel items: Reward in Blood Castle 10% Chance on Exc AA item
Sockets + Excelent = Disabled
Goblin points= 1 point for 1 hour at mu online!
PVP= Default mu online style
PVE= Default mu online style
Post: 100lvl 50k zen



Posted 16 / 11 / 2016 By admin

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