81 online NoReset
69 online X150
129 online x9999

ShopBattleMunew server x1000 grand Opening 28. April!

BattleMu new server x1000 grand Opening 28. April!

Grand Opening times:
UTC +2 17.00-Poland, UTC +8 23.00-Philipines, UTC -3 12.00-Argentina

Experience rate: x1000, Master exp: x500, Max master level 420!

Item shop disabled!
Cash shop available with simple items, no wings etc.

Reset: Stats burns!
Free stats after reset: 500

Grand resets: 300 Resets 3000 Credits!

New features:

New maps and monsters, bosses with reward loot!
New dark angel, blood angel sets!
New divine Archangel items!
New Mixes on sockets, seeds.
Added new jewels!



Posted 11 / 09 / 2017 By admin

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