Battle Mu Online updates v3

Fixed items becoming ancient
Fixed/added warps
Added maps Barracks, Refuge, Crywolf
Added events like BC DS, etc full working
Added Castle Siege
Mu Online VIP back to 100% success rate for item upgrade 10-15
Fixed agility bugs
Updated bosses drops!

New patch required to play! Run Play Battlemu.exe to get last version of update and to connect to server!


Battle Mu Online updates v3

Battle Mu Online Season 12 21. February

Battle Mu Online update to Season 12!

Server will be update to latest server files at 21. February! All accounts items will be saved!

New client will be required to download!

New server features:

    New Map Ferea and monsters, with epic loot!
    New Dark Angel Items, Options & Combination
    New Blood Angel weapons, Options & Combination
    New extended character statistic C window
    New Pentagrams and options
    New Nixie Lake Map and monsters
    Holy Angel Items Options & Combination
    Dual Class Sealed Mastery Items & Combination
    Quiver (enhanced arrows)
    Max Master Level 420
    Knicks Battle -> Nixie Boss Event
    Bomb Game
    Labirynth of Dimensions



Battle Mu Online Season 12 21. February

Newbies wellcome bonuss

Hello battle Mu Online x9999 players!!!

To help new players with start we have prepared bonuses/freebies!!!
We have added newbies bonuss!
New registred players will get 15 days GOLD VIP status!
All new charcaters will get 500kk zen and starter pentagram!

For old and new players good news on Grand reset system, now is double, you will
get 3000 Credits (1500 befofore)
And Each reset will give you: 20 Credits!

Easy to get your FO set now! Happy gaming!!!






Newbies wellcome bonuss

Mu Online Updates 29.December

Mu Online fixes at 29. December

NoReset server updates: Server experience have been chnaged to x9999, now it is fun style no reset Mu Online server!!!

Other updates on both servers:

Fixed Conqueror Mix sometimes giving 0 Excellent options
Fixed Doppel Ganger Renewal event issues
Fixed Paralyze skill functionality
Fixed Bastion skill behavior
Fixed improperly distributed Mastery Reward on Chaos Castle and Devil Square events
Improved randomity of excellent options count and type drawn
Fixed Summoner Tome Master skill not working fully
Fixed not working Effect Value attribute for all levels of Resistance Errtel
Fixed Pentagram Drop
Fixed Pentagram Level / Rank upgrade vulnaribility


Mu Online Updates 29.December

Battle MuOnline updates v3


New muonline items in cash shop muun pets, rings, and other
Fixed stunn buffs issue on AntiHack system

Harsh Strike and Magic Pin fixed
Fixed Imperial Guardian Gates
Fixed Shining Peak Attack range
Fixed Elixirs not showing name

New mu online patch required to download! Run Play BattleMu.exe to receive last update!



Battle MuOnline updates v3
Currently this is only one server.